APP shows that the host is offline?
Solution: Check whether the host is shut down due to a long power outage; check whether the network is normal
Is there a flickering problem when installing a single fire switch?
Solution: Install the standard adapter module on the lamp
Can't use dual control after installation?
Solution: Check whether the host is off or not on site; check the panel that cannot be controlled by the smart remote control in SK-919C to check whether there are settings or changes.
After installing the curtain track, it stops halfway through the journey?
Solution: Long press the set button at the bottom of the curtain motor, release the hand after the indicator light is always on, and reset after the indicator light flashes quickly after long press
The camera cannot view the playback record?
Solution: Need to insert a memory card to use
The fingerprint lock cannot open the door, the motor rotates normally, and the inner handle mechanism cannot open the door?
Solution: This is not a fingerprint lock problem. It is best not to cut the heaven and earth hook when installing the lock body. If it needs to be cut, it should be cut when the main lock tongue is not extended.
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